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Challenge Yourself.

Ashtanga Yoga isn't your typical Yoga class. It's not "just stretching". It's personal improvement through physical, mental, and emotional challenge. It's hard. It's more than you think you can do. But it's worth it.

Instead of Instructor intro, maybe "features" of class - group setting, individual attention, etc

First, A Note From Our Instructor:

Hello! My name is Instructor Name, and I'm the person behind Motion Tulsa in Tulsa, State Abr.. I want to share with you one of the most beneficial things I did during my pregnancies. It helped me overcome my fear of childbirth and gave me the physical, mental, and emotional strength I needed to have the kind of birth experience every women wants - A happy, healthy one! I wish every woman understood just how helpful a tool it can be.

The "secret" is Prenatal Yoga, and I want you to experience its power!

I know it may sound strange – a yoga class is really going to help me have the kind of birth experience I want? It’s a tall order, but when practiced regularly, the yoga we teach can do exactly that. Every mom-to-be deserves something that actually works to help them through the incredible experience of growing and birthing a baby. I, along with my many satisfied clients, are proof that prenatal yoga can be a life-changer.

We teach safe, accessible yoga postures to prepare your body for the work of labor and ease the physical discomforts associated with pregnancy. We share how to use your breath to steady your mind and calm your body - a really great skill to have when facing an event as powerful as childbirth! We create a supportive, loving community of mothers with whom you can share your journey. Really, our classes are the perfect exercise for pregnant women because we address the WHOLE mother - body, mind, and soul.

And please, don’t just take my word for it. Ask your prenatal care provider how crucial it is to physically, mentally, and emotionally prepare for childbirth!

We’d love to have you in class. Join us this week!

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We'll email you our awesome PDF guide "7 Fat Fighting At Home Exercises You Can Do With NO Equipment", plus show you our Bootcamp Schedule and Prices on the Next Page

Work Pressure, Family Needs, Health Concerns, Time Demands...

Sound Familiar?

Modern life is hard on your body. When people come into my Yoga class for the first time, the effects of 21st century living are often obvious:

  • Almost No Personal Time

    You’re pulled in so many directions, all of them important. But if you don’t fill your own cup, it makes giving to others – your family, your work, your fiends – almost impossible.

  • Diminished Vitality

    Your health is reflected in your energy levels, your attitude, your drive, your relationships, and every other aspect of your life. Not having a regular exercise regimen is something that affects your daily life.

  • Inflexibility

    You may not care about being super flexible, and that’s ok. What as you age, your muscles become the enemy, straining themselves, hurting for no reason, and getting in the way of everyday life.

  • Plummeting Confidence

    Confidence isn’t just a kid thing. How you feel about yourself is vitally important to your health and wellbeing. If you’re not taking care of yourself physically (plus mentally and emotionally), it’s really, really hard to feel confident about your life.

  • Negative Body Image

    We’re constantly bombarded by media images of perfect people. You try to start exercising, it’s hard to see the results you wanted, you fall off the wagon, and then you have to stare at magazine covers everyday until you feel bad enough to try again. And the cycle continues.

  • Regular Exercise

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? Well sometimes life doesn’t allow an apple a day. Sometimes it’s the drive through, then the dry cleaners, then a meeting, then some ridiculous emergency. Without purposefully scheduling exercise time into your busy life, you’ll rarely make time for it.

Life Can Be Better Than That.

By adding at least one class per week, you can immediately start to see changes in you mind and body.

After Only A Few Classes, You'll Start To See:

  • Physical Strength

    You’ll not only start to see muscle definition, you’ll start to feel and actually be stronger. Life literally changes when you’re able to use your muscles with confidence. And it’s not just your arms and legs; it’s your core, you abs, your back, your hips and your shoulders. You’ll literally watch your body change before you eyes.

  • Mental and Emotional Resilience

    Doing any exercise is “hard”. Doing Yoga is mentally and emotionally challenging. Yoga isn’t just about “poses” (that’s just the physical, the ‘asana’), it’s about breaking down your own barriers and becoming the mentally strong, emotionally confident person you know you can be.

  • Fantastic Flexibility

    No more pulled muscles just from normal movement, no more skeletal pain for no reason. Your body will start to perform as it was designed to, and you’ll love it. Plus, as you gain flexibility, you’re able to exercise with more effectiveness, which leads to even MORE flexibility, and the cycle spirals upward.

  • Renewed Energy

    Especially if you add a 5 minute daily practice (our instructors show you how), and even if you just attend weekly class, you’ll power through your day with vigor and vitality you didn’t know you could have.

  • Fat Loss

    Let’s be clear: “losing weight” is not our goal in our Yoga classes. That number on the scale really means nothing. The fact is that you’re going to be building muscle, which is dense and heavy, while at the same time losing fat, which weighs less than muscle. It’s often surprising to see your clothes fitting better, liking what you see in the mirror better, but the scale not moving.

  • Group Support

    This isn’t anything like signing up at a “Gym”. It’s a room full of people just like you, getting to the core of themselves through hard, sometimes emotional, work. You’ll be surrounded by people who are on the same journey you are, and that’s really important.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have any prior yoga experience and/or I’m not athletic or flexible. Can I do this class?

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YES! This class is designed for EVERYONE. We all have a bad back, messed up knee, haven't been active in years, etc. You may have to modify certain things in class, just like EVERYONE else does. You don't have to be perfect to start...that's the point. As a famous Yoga teacher once said, the only people who can't do Yoga are the lazy. As long as you're not lazy, you belong here.

How do I join class? 

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Put your email in on this page, and we'll automatically send you more info. Plus, you'll see our trial offer on the next page, and you can sign up there if you'd like. If you're an experienced Yogi, you can simply come to class (the schedule is on the next page too) and pay the drop in rate, but our Trial and regular monthly memberships are much cheaper than dropping in.

Should I do anything at home to prepare for Yoga classes?

How often do I need to come to class?

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Like any exercise regimen, as much as possible. However, we totally understand that attendance can be challenging. That's the truly beautiful thing about Yoga. You come to class as often as you can (twice a week is awesome, once a week is better than nothing), and maintain your practice at home. We show you the poses and structure to help you create an at home practice that will support you through times when you can't regularly attend classes.

“You totally rock, Lisa!! I just referred someone to you and highly recommended that she come to class.”

-Christina H.

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Get helpful info about our Yoga classes via email, plus our Schedule and Trial Offer on the Next Page